Share a secret

…with a link that only works one time and then self-destructs.

End-to-end encrypted

Swiss privacy

Without a trace

One-Time Secrets

Share sensitive information that can only be viewed one time. The perfect way to transmit passwords, credit card information, private keys, or other confidential data.


Compose your secret and get a one-time link.



Send the generated link to your confidant.



After the secret has been viewed, it gets destroyed.

End-to-End Encryption

We encrypt your secret on your device. The encryption key is never stored but becomes part of the link itself. Without the full link, nobody, including us, will ever be able to decrypt your secret.
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The Slack AppNEW

Some things better not stay in your chat history. Next time a coworker asks you for an access token, API key or password, you can respond in good conscience.
  • Encrypted, disposable messages, stored outside of Slack.
  • Create one-time secrets via shortcut or slash command.
  • Burn notification after a secret has been viewed.


Frequently asked questions.

Sharing secrets is delicate. You don't want sensitive information (confidential information, passwords, API keys, access tokens, key combinations, confessions, etc.) to stay in your Slack channel, Whatsapp chat log, inbox, or any other communication channel. A one-time disposable link guarantees that your secret is only viewed exactly once, before being permanently destroyed.

Use this service in case you want to…

  • Share your Netflix password with a family member.
  • Send a private message from a public computer.
  • Send access tokens, API keys, PIN codes to a friend or coworker.
  • Forward payment information such as credit card number or Bitcoin wallet address.
  • Confess to a secret crush.
  • Transmit information that could be used against you.

Essentially everybody. Everybody should care about privacy.
The means to transmit sensitive information anonymously is especially crucial for journalists, lawyers, politicians, whistleblowers, people who are being oppressed, etc.

After you submit the form your secret will be encrypted and stored. You can now share the generated short link via text message, email or whatever service you trust. (We recommend Signal, Threema or Matrix.) After the recipients clicks the link, the message gets displayed and permanently removed from the database.

For extra security, you can include a password that will be needed to decrypt the message. (We recommend to share the password via a different channel than the link.)

Yes, you can get Email notifications with an account. Go to Account

All messages are end-to-end encrypted using AES-256, which is virtually impenetrable using brute-force methods. AES would take billions of years to break using current computing technology. For the highest level of security, an optional password (which is never stored either) will be used to encrypt your message. Read more on our Security page.

Nope. It's a one time secret. We show it once and then delete it permanently from the database. There is no backup. It's gone for good.

Sure. You can always take a screenshot. The idea behind this service is to securely share sensitive information one time. We (obviously) don't have control over what a recipient does with the message.

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