No ads, no tracking, no bullshit.


This project is all about the respect for people's integrity and privacy. We have no interest in you! Not in you as a person, nor in your secrets.


We do basic web traffic analytics with - the simple and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

  • No use of cookies
  • Fully compliant with privacy regulations GDPR, CCPA and PECR
  • No collection of personal data
  • Project is open source
  • All analytics data is publicly available: Analytics Dashboard

Account & Cookies

For power users, we offer user accounts that require authentification. Since privacy is a top concern, we only ask for the bare minimum. In fact, you can create an account with only an email address (You may use a temporary or masked email) - no further information is mandatory.

For people visiting our website, we only ever use essential cookies. In other words, cookies that are necessary for providing core functionalities: E.g. managing secure authentication. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy